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"The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results."

- author unknown

Gear Shifters
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Gear Shifters have certain qualities in common. They are risk takers. They face fear and doubt head on and push through it. Are you a Gear Shifter?

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Corporate Programs:
Individual and Team Coaching

In the race to achieve the status of best in class, world class, gold standard, #1 or any other euphemistic expressions which are used today to declare market preeminence, American businesspeople are reaching out to anyone who can bring them “the next new thing” that they can add to their “training and development” arsenal. We read… we go to seminars… workshops… we read some more… Is anything changing? Has the bar even been raised and if it has, is anyone putting down the books and reaching for it? What is it that makes us clamor for the newest take on how to travel the road to success before we’ve even put into action what we took away from the last workshop we attended?

It seems to me that what we really need to be doing in the corporate world and in our personal lives is put down the books that have given us great information, turn off the talk shows that discuss all the different ways to get where we want to go, file away the notes and binders we’ve brought back from seminars and workshops (yes, even those I’ve given!) and START DOING! People must engage in new skills and behaviors repeatedly in order for them to replace what they’re used to doing in a given situation. The full cycle of learning doesn’t truly happen until what you know becomes what you do. Are you ready to put into practice what you have come to know through all that you’ve read and heard at workshops?

Coaching Tracks

Shifting Gears offers coaching that addresses once and for all areas with which many leaders and managers struggle:

  • Leadership competencies and practice
  • Conflict
  • Unwanted behaviors
  • Low morale
  • Under performance
  • And more…

These areas can be covered in a number of ways including individual coaching as well as team coaching for groups of leaders of 5-9/group. Sessions are geared toward the agenda of client which is discussed at the beginning of assignment as well as each session.

Other areas that are covered with individuals and teams are:
  • Reinforcing training that has already happened to ensure participants are engaging in behaviors taught in previous seminars or workshops. (Coaching that follows training is the best way to ensure return on your investment!)
  • Idea generation to kick it up a notch!
  • Team building (especially effective for people who have to come together quickly and produce)
  • Issue Resolution

Coaching is about discovery, idea generation, planning, action and momentum… keeping you on track and in gear to achieve your personal growth and business goals. If you’ve read all the books, attended all the seminars and are ready to make it happen, contact us to see how you can put all this knowledge into action and enter your exceleration zone!

Track 1: 90-day Jump Start
For people who want to zero in on a few barriers that are holding them back from unleashing all they have. Includes MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and PCSI (Personal Coaching Style Inventory) assessment and feedback,12 one-hour sessions, email support.
Track 2: 90-day Keeping Pace with Progress
For people who want a coach to guide and assist in idea generation and staying on track with projects, initiatives, team issues, etc. Includes MBTI and PCSI assessment and feedback, 9 one-hour sessions, email support.
Track 3: Monthly Pit-Stop (1 year commitment)
For people who regularly need to “check-in” to recharge, refresh and re-energize the internal engine to get back into the race. These sessions can be used to bounce ideas off a business coach who can give unbiased feedback. Includes MBTI and PCSI assessment and feedback. 24 one-hour sessions (no more than 2/month), email support.
Track 4: Team Effort (3 month commitment)
For groups of 5-9 who want to focus on particular skills or topics that will enable them to become better coaches to their own staff, work better together as a team, deal with a particular challenge they are facing and more…
Includes PCSI assessment and feedback for each individual, 6 one-hour sessions

Team sessions are also good for those people enjoying the igniting aspect of open exchange among people who:

  • are dealing with similar challenges such as,

    • Work/life balance
    • Negotiating for a raise/promotion
    • Dealing with difficult behaviors in ourselves and others
    • Morale
    • And others

  • are pursuing similar development goals such as,

    • Leadership competency
    • Dealing with conflict
    • Motivating their team
    • Public speaking
    • Leading effective meetings
    • And others

In addition to your individual or group sessions you will receive assignments that will drive you to keep on top of your progress and help power you toward the achievement of the goals you lay out for yourself! The advantage of small groups is that you will actually be helping each other in a live forum that will be guided by an experienced coach. If you opt for a group program, you will be amazed at the results when people share their successes and missed attempts at reaching their goals. We can all learn from each other and leverage the wealth of knowledge that is already out there.

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