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"The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results."

- author unknown

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Gear Shifters have certain qualities in common. They are risk takers. They face fear and doubt head on and push through it. Are you a Gear Shifter?

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Very often people feel “stuck” in their current situation whether in their personal life or at work. It is not unusual for clients tell me why they and/or their team can’t do something… it’s usually positioned as if they are the victim of circumstances beyond their control. They are not in the driver’s seat of their destiny. They are stuck in neutral, pressing down on the gas pedal of their energy, hearing the engine of their efforts roar and yet… they aren’t getting anywhere. Then blame sets in and of course they are never at the business end of their own accusatory finger. So, what’s up with that? Does this sound like you? What is it that drives you to continue investing energy in a set of habits and behaviors that are not working for you?

You need to get in the right gear at the right time in the right direction to move your life (business or personal), your team (goals, projects, communication) toward the bar you've set. Whether you’re a leader and/or manager responsible for a team, you may find yourself in need of an objective partner who can bring unbiased observation, guidance and challenge to you; someone who will celebrate your accomplishments and support you through those times when you miss the mark. You may be a successful person who is looking to get to the next level of development in your career and want help from outside the company for which you work. There are many areas of your life that a coach can be of vital service to you. Let’s discuss where you are and where you want to go!    today!

Testimonials From Clients

My name is Karla Robertson. I possess over 20 years in the corporate arena where I learned from people and experiences that had an impact on the way in which I operate in my business. I consider myself fortunate to have created successes as well as learned from those times I fell short of my intended goal. I am a certified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Steps I and II and am a graduate of the Core Essentials Program of Corporate Coach University. Currently, I am pursuing my Master Coach Certification with Corporate Coach University. I earned my BS degree in Marketing and Psychology and am active as a fund raiser and wish grantor for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Monmouth County. I have over a decade of successful sales accomplishments which include leading the country in sales for 6 years and winning various awards for these accomplishments. I have authored articles for industry newspapers and facilitated team workshops for large organizations. I have built a private practice along with a corporate client base and enjoy the challenge and energy of both large and small organizations as well as individual clients. Beginning January 20, 2004 I will be hosting my own on-line radio talk show, The Exceleration Zone!sm from 3-4pm EST at I’m very excited to be able to reach more people and have an exciting and useful interaction with my guests and callers. Taking all that I have learned through education, on-the-job achievement and living my dream, I decided in 1999 that the next place for me to go was to turn around and be in service to those people who were striving to attain their vision of success. I made a commitment to help them see what is so great about themselves, where their strengths are and build on that to create the results they sought. My goal is to guide people in self-discovery to uncover not only what talents they have but also what are the barriers that are standing in the way of their progress. Shifting Gearssm was created to provide coaching and consulting services to people who are ready to shift from where they are to where they want to be. So I have one question…

Are you ready to step into the driver’s seat of your life or do you want to be a passenger relying on other people and events to determine your course? If your answer is "Yes, I'm ready to shift gears," then     now and let’s get started on finding your Exceleration Zone!sm


Shifting Gearssm

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The Exceleration Zone!sm
Internet Talk Show

The Exceleration Zone!sm is on hiatus at this time. I invite you to listen to any of my archived shows which you can find by simply going to the Talk Show button, clicking on Schedule of Shows and then just click on the show you're interested in. You will need RealOne Player to get the voice stream. It will load automatically.

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