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"The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results."

- author unknown

Gear Shifters
Hall of Fame

Gear Shifters have certain qualities in common. They are risk takers. They face fear and doubt head on and push through it. Are you a Gear Shifter?

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Gear Shifters Hall of Fame

Who is a Gear Shifter?

People who make changes in the direction, quality, or level of play in their lives all have certain qualities in common. They are risk takers. They face fear/doubt head on and push through it. They have a decided heart about what they want to achieve and are open to learning even out of their comfort zone. Gear Shifters find ways to overcome obstacles that may present themselves while they’re in transition, and most importantly, realize that getting to “that next place” to which they’re shifting doesn’t happen in a day….it happens daily. They commit in mind and heart to practicing the activities of shifting every day. Are you a Gear Shifter? Are you in the process of changing lanes in your life? Tell us your story and why you think you should be listed in our Hall of Fame!. Email me at If you appear in my column, you will receive one complimentary hour of coaching.

Let’s look at one of history’s biggest gear shifters, not to mention greatest leaders, Theodore Roosevelt.

Now here’s a guy who was a spindly, sickly little kid, with poor eyesight and also possessed a great mind. His dad realized that for the mind to truly achieve all that it can, your body has to help it. So Roosevelt set about building his body daily and soon became quite an accomplished boxer. He had a goal, made up his mind and did it…no excuses; nothing was an obstacle. He also developed his mind and delved into new areas by reading, talking to others, and testing new skills thereby amassing an enormous spectrum of knowledge and abilities which he practiced with successful results throughout his life. The impact for him was that he is recognized even to this day as our toughest, most accomplished president in mind and body and our nation was the fortunate recipient of his greatness.


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